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Don’t cheer me …

Don’t cheer me on when I’m succeeding, but rather cheer me on when I’ve fallen, and am able to get back up!! 🙂 Wow, I actually forgot the actual author……..sheesh.

It’s Been A Long Day!!!!

I went shopping today, in such array, finding all that i wanted and simply ignoring all that i needed. What is it with us girls, caught up in this shopping world. Thousands rushing around, trying to find all that’s their to be found. Oh wow! Brown down town! Do i need these boot’s? Hey their only 5 dollars? yes, hand them over please! I knew i didn’t need them, I’ve got shoes for days, enough to make anyone holler! It’s been a long day, but i had my way. And now sitting in my closet is downtown brown, the sexiest boots around!!!Image

The Way It Is……my book coming soon.

The Way It Is
(Niqua’s phone rings) Hey Kim,
what’s up?

Hey Niqua. I just called to see what you
were doing, and to make sure
you’re okay.

Yeah I’m alright.

(Kim) Where’s your pops? Girl,
where he always at, in the bedroom,

You know what Kim, I really am starting
to hate that man. He doesn’t act like
a real father.

No…actually he’s not a real
father. He says terrible things to me. I often
wonder why did my mom leave me here
with this monster. Uh hello?,

I am still on the phone girl. You were
sounding like your mind drifted away or

Girl that’s because it did drift away.

Kim, I really do hate him, and one day, I
will be the one to take him out of his

(Kim) Wow, girl you shouldn’t talk
like that.


Kim, you think it’s a joke? Just keep
in mind that I haven’t told you
everything, okay?. I could tell you some
things you wouldn’t believe. When I
finish telling you everything, you’re
going to hate him to.

(Kim) Okay,  like what?

Put it like this Kim, I don’t think
your dad is sleeping with you.

(Kim) What? Um.…

Missing My Sisters…..

AKA-sistersNot a moment goes by, That I don’t think of you. Your hair, your smile, even your simple tattoo. Just the other day, I thought, hum it’s been too long. I can’t laugh, can’t joke, not even a shoulder to cry on. I looked in the mirror, and their you were, staring right back at me, then all of a sudden, a blur. I wish you both were here, talking about our mates, while making play dates. Enjoying one another, like sisters always do. But it’s okay, we’ll make it through. Hopefully one day I will be able to say…hip hip hooray, one for me and one for you. What is one? What is one you ask? The missing of a beat, that’s missing from my heart. As soon as were together, it’s mended to one, like right from the start.<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3